Who We Are

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The YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.


A healthy community transformed by racial and gender equity, where women and girls of color have equal access to opportunity, and there is social justice for all people.


  • When the barriers of institutional and structural racism are broken down, everyone will benefit.
  • Because women of color have been historically marginalized and excluded, their voices must be centered in this work.
  • When people are confident in their inherent strength and communities are valued and self directed, they are empowered.
  • We must stand together across lines of difference with courage, compassion, and commitment to transform our community.

YWCA Yakima Core Values

Service:  Provide excellent, reliable service to families and to the community, as well as recognize and honor the service offered to the community by others.

Passion:  Passion for inspiring people to reach their full potential and contribute back to their community.  This passion inspires our decisions, programs and optimism about the powerful potential and positive contribution of Yakima’s families.

Empowerment:  Empower women by connecting them to the information, tools and fresh perspective that can help them reach self-sufficiency.

Collaboration:  Promote collaboration and build trust within the nonprofit community, knowing that we can achieve more for our cause and our community when we work together.

Innovation:  Bring innovative thinking and positive action to creatively tackle the community’s needs.  Look beyond how things have always been done and imagine effective solutions, using optimism to see opportunities instead of obstacles, hope instead of doubt, and pride in the community and each other.

Accountability:  Enhance the trust, support and respect given to us by the community and our clients, by operating with integrity and openness according to the highest standards of accountability, and helping others do the same.

Leadership:  Embrace opportunities to practice leadership to each other, to the families we serve, and to the community.