Housing and Support Services

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YWCA Yakima operates 16 apartment units ranging in size from studio to three bedroom.  Each unit has its own kitchen and bathroom.  The Transitional Housing Program takes at least one year to finish and residents can stay as long as they feel is necessary.

In addition to apartment units the transitional housing also has:

  • a children’s room for small children to play and learn,
  • a teen room with a television, video games and other activities,
  • laundry facilities, and
  • a variety of activities and services for residents and their children.

 I enrolled in the Transitional Housing Program which has made it possible for me to regain my independence as a woman and mother. The gratitude I feel in my heart is overwhelming. I feel like a new person and I have hope and direction in my life today. YWCA Yakima staff have helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. I am a success story because of this program and the encouragement that I have received through the YWCA. I am no longer a victim and I am worth it!

Support Services

Every woman who lives in our apartment units is assigned an advocate to help guide them through the process of healing and self-sufficiency.  Our advocates work with their clients to create individualized plans and goals.  We honor the fact that each woman who lives with us is unique and has her own goals.

Clients attend domestic violence support groups and counseling, continue with any treatment plans, seek out and maintain employment, learn how to budget and work to pay down debts.

In 2017, we assisted 89 families in finding permanent, affordable housing in the Yakima Valley.

YWCA Yakima gave me a job opportunity, they are giving me a chance.  They are empowering me to become a self-sufficient woman.  I have the ambition to move forward with my life.

Legal Advocacy

Our Legal Advocate reviews every police report involving domestic violence and reaches out to the victims in those cases with support and resources.  Additionally, she meets with victims and assists them in preparing and filing requests for protection orders.  If requested, she can attend court as a support person.

In 2017, our legal advocate helped 67 individuals obtain a protection order and provided legal advocacy to 638 people.  After reviewing police reports, she provided resources to 898 domestic violence victims.

Through a partnership with Volunteer Attorney Services, YWCA Yakima offers a monthly legal clinic for domestic violence victims a chance to meet with an attorney for legal advice.  In 2017, 22 individuals were able to meet with an attorney they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford.

Our Domestic Violence Awareness Clinic is open to the community and is typically attended by victims who would are requesting the court extinguish the protection order.  This class is $10.00 – and is the only service we provide that is not free.