FreeWill Partnership

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YWCA Yakima is partnering with FreeWill to provide you with the opportunity to create a will at no cost.

Since 1909, YWCA Yakima has worked to disrupt cycles of violence and create a safer community for all. We believe creating a will shouldn’t be a luxury for those who can afford it but a necessity available to all. That’s why we’re proud to announce a new partnership with FreeWill to offer our community this free and secure estate planning tool.

Over 67% of American adults (and over 70% of Black Americans) don’t have a will. Increasing access to estate planning breaks down expensive and inequitable barriers that surround this important task, especially for marginalized communities.

Why should you make a will?

  • Empowerment
    A will is more than a legal document—it is a tool that allows you to make crucial decisions about your financial and healthcare wishes, preparing you for any future circumstances. By creating a will, you are consciously choosing and directing what happens to the things you cherish the most.
  • Peace of mind
    A will gives your loved ones an easy map to follow and allows you to provide for the people and pets you love, so you know that no matter what, they will be supported.
  • Impact
    You can make a lasting impact with the causes you care about by leaving a gift in your estate plan.
Make a Will