Board of Directors

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About our Board of Directors…

Our board is exclusively female.  Our board year runs with our fiscal calendar – July 1 – June 30 – and every board term is a three year term, with the option to renew two additional times (for a total of nine years of board service).

Our board of directors serve on committees.  Members of the community are welcome to serve on our committees as well. Those committees are:

  • Donor Engagement Committee
  • Advocacy Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Fundraising and Events Committee
  • Social Justice Committee

Sharon Reyna


Cindy Cholico

President Elect

Melanie Kimm

Linda Orozco

Dulce Gutierrez

Sarah Correia

Brynn Johnson

Precy Tamaki

Tami Ramirez

Theresa Riel

Aimee Yoerger

Beka Telles

Kristen Charlet

Sabra Nelson

Tiara Welch Quantrille

Ruksar Kamali

Magaly Solis

Margaret France

Amy Waller

Liz Walsh

Jessica Camacho Johnson

Julie Piper

Sara Soules

Jozette Mora