I thank God that I am here now……

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I thank God that I am here now……

Categories: Survivor Story

“I was thinking ……….. This is the man of my Life?”

During 14 yrs. of marriage he physically, verbally and sexually abused me. He had a history of threatening to kill me. He was always claiming that the children were not his and at times insisted that they call him by his first name.

One time he hit me in the face and chest which resulted in my left eye being swollen shut, the area around my nose and right eye being bruised and my face being swollen. One day he picked up our 2 yr. old son so tightly by his stomach,  I thought he was going to break his ribs. At other times he was calling me names and telling me I was worthless. He would pull my hair and push me. Our son was often present and pleaded with his father to stop. My daughter at one point told her vice principle that she was afraid to go home because I might be dead. She had heard her father tell me that he was going to kill me. He verbally abused the children, yelling at them, telling them he wasn’t their father, he would kick them out of the house and hit them with the belt for no apparent reason. He would smoke cigarettes and marijuana in front of the children. I never received treatment for the times he would hit me. I was always afraid of getting caught visiting the doctor. He would always follow me and make sure I didn’t go anywhere.

He always would say that he was going to kill himself. He would cut his hand with a knife in front of the children. He would hit himself on the head several times.

There were times that he would be very destructive, breaking dishes, pulling the TV off the wall, throwing glass jugs out the window, putting holes in the walls and throwing my stuff out. At one point I was leaving with my daughter in my arms and he punched me on the back of my head and I could tell he was on drugs. Another time I saw him standing over our son with a knife.  He would tell me was going to kill me. In the last attack he hit me on my head and told me he was going to eat me, when he let me go he said that I would never understand until he killed one of the children.

I took the children and went to the YWCA in Yakima. I live here now and I am trying to get me dignity back and am trying to be a better person for my kids. I hope someday I can forget all the things that happened to me in my life. It’s hard because he is the father of my kids, but I thank God that I am here now……