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A Survivor Letter

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There are so many words that come to my mind when I think of my stay here at YWCA but the one word that stands out the most is gratitude.

I came here during the most horrific time in my life, broken, afraid and a sense of being so lost and displaced.  Many women that land themselves here at YWCA have so many emotions, not knowing which way to turn or even to know how to feel or maybe feel too much.

The level of compassion that I received from each one of the advocates, gave me a sense of equality and a common goal to help me rediscover my strength.

The advocates helped me with resources I never knew I had and through their constant devotion they gave me empowerment.  While each client’s journey is different the goals are the same and that is to help us to bring forth the better part of ourselves to succeed and to not feel we are alone.

I feel that had it not been for the advocates I do not know how I would have made it emotionally or physically.  The advocates are the four corners of the YWCA.

Our journey as clients is to work towards goals to get on our feet on the ground and because of the selfless dedication from the advocates we learn to achieve and to meet those goals.  I am so grateful that the advocates educated me on life skills in my current situation that I had never been in before.  I am also grateful for the courage that manifested within me in order to use those tools.

There is something to be said about the “heart of the advocate” and I am here today to say to never change that heart because while at times it goes unnoticed we see the first glimpse on day one.  After that first day the advocates took me through the steps gracefully knowing I needed tender guidance.  It is very clear that you are making an impact on the women of Yakima.

I also want to acknowledge the ones who give effortlessly to fund this program.  While the advocated are the four corners you are the glue that holds it together.  I think in some ways you know that this is a program that is needed in our community or you would not work so hard to provide.  All your contributions are greatly appreciated and having a cup of laundry soap can feel like Christmas.  Thank you for being a vital part in our recovery.

I pray this safe environment continues to be available to all the woman of our community in need.  I see a bright future because of YWCA.

You are our flag of “HOPE.”

With my deepest feeling of gratitude – THANK YOU!